indie Rates

-overdub tracks are a flat fee of $100 per Instrument for most demo or limited pressing recordings. you pay half upfront and half when the tracks are done.

-multiple Instruments, multiple songs?: if you have one song that needs multiple Instruments, or several songs that need the same Instrument, we have price breaks! let us know what you need and we will discuss costs with you. 

​ -orchestra tracks: if you want a string section to accompany your music, we'll add the violins, violas, and cellos! price depends on what your song requires, but our general prices are ($300+) for a quartet and ($500+) for a 16-piece orchestra section (our orchestra tracks have been used on albums for hitmakers Donny Osmond, Chris Young, Sunny Sweeney, Jess Moskaluke, and many others).

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Singles or album production

If you're looking for a retail/radio-ready recording, we can produce your music, and add all of the instrumentation. We'll take your song from conception to completion giving it the attention it needs to make your track the best it can be. Your success is our success! our productions have been played on major radio, film, and tv broadcasts.

Prices generally range from $500 - $2500 per song (price breaks could be available for eps & album projects ). The total depends on factors such as: is there a direction for your song already? do you want an acoustic or full band recording? are we tracking your vocals? are we mixing your song? contact us to discuss your track and the costs involved.


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